Lust Haves: A Suitcase Built For New York Proportions

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because the holidays creep nearer, increasingly more afternoons at work get spent daydreaming approximately that vacation to come or that experience home to the fire-heated own family room. Getting around the sector though from the town though can imply squeezing into new york sized containers. even as New Yorkers do it every day for residences, office areas, restaurant tables, and greater, finding the field that comes with you, a suitcase, may be tough to locate. happily, the Victorinox Lexicon XL is the precise difficult shell suitcase constructed for the job.

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this example is prepared for any kind of terrain. After sending it thru checked baggage, up hills, strapped to the roof of vehicles, and a lot greater, the tough shell has the suitable amount of provide to it while nonetheless protecting anything interior. more importantly, in a take a look at with our editors, the suitcase suits perfectly in the backseat of a taxi, in the space among seats on Amtrak, and is incredible light to choose up whilst transitioning among transports. The bag additionally has a wheel-along deal with that, like maximum suitcases, can be stored within the again of the case and slide inside and outside with the rush of a button. not like different suitcases although, the handles are similarly distributed to the huge body of the case, that means that the bag in no way does a barrel roll and gets dragged along the flat aspect, whether or not coming off the scale back or making tight turns inside the airport. The case also has lots of compartments and sections, a garment bag covered, and huge alcoves so the bottoms of footwear are never touching that perfectly white oxford shirt.

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After setting this bag through all kinds of challenges, from checking it with weight limits at the airport, to fitting it in last-minute taxi cabs, actual New Yorkers need to have an break out route while the town receives to be too much, and that is the bag to do it.

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