Fantastic! NFL Star Josh Norman Launches Campaign Aiding Children And Families In Puerto Rico

Josh Norman

NFL Redskins celeb Josh Norman is extra than the very best-paid cornerback inside the league—he is likewise one of the most philanthropic. collectively along with his Starz 24 basis, in partnership with the lads & women membership of the usa, Norman is spearheading a multi-scale campaign to benefit thousands of children impacted by way of typhoon Maria in Puerto Rico.

As we’re inside the aftermath of the devastation that has left tens of millions at the island homeless and without electricity, human beings like Norman are vital to the survival of the island as they maintain philanthropic efforts and limitless supplies of aid coming inland. The campaign will take region over the course of two weeks, activated with Norman’s non-public dedication of $50,000 and is seeking the goal of an extra $2 hundred,000. The megastar is calling at the sports network, worrying corporations, foundations, philanthropists and entrepreneurs to make investments inside the youngsters and families of Puerto Rico.

Norman is amongst many celebrities and strong, influential voices that are calling on our united states to continue resource and assist for Puerto Rico, as the small island still has a protracted street of years of recuperation ahead of them. The addition of one of the country’s oldest and biggest advocates for children, Boys & ladies clubs of the usa, is an top notch counterpart to the campaign.

“i'm pleased to be partnering with the leading advise for our state’s younger people,” Norman stated. “Their team of workers is serving youngsters throughout Puerto Rico with vital offerings, elements, meals and other styles of aid. a number of the golf equipment that have survived the devastation are housing desperately sick kids who have nowhere else to move.”

Norman is asking on the entire nation to tend to the essential desires of the tens of millions of people left at the island. in the midst of a traumatic NFL time table, he is a superstar on and off the field, placing an admirable and courageous example for the rest of the us of a to follow his lead and provide again to the ones in need.

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