Incredible! The Crystal Eyeliner Festive Trend Was Basically Made For KiraKira

The internet has recently emerge as enthusiastic about KiraKira, the app that provides sparkles to your pics, so if there has been ever a time to do your make-up based on how it will appearance in a glitter-impact app, it is now. With the unspoken rule that there can by no means be enough glitter and sparkle all through the festive vacations, we discovered an eyeliner appearance to suit: crystal eyeliner. due to the fact in 2017, a regular winged liner just might not do.

To do that search for your self, you may want ($14.ninety five), ($16), and make-up for all time Glitter Strass or rhinestones from a craft or nail artwork store. if you're going for a snow-colored eyeliner appearance, apply the white liner to form a wing and permit it to dry. Then follow lash glue to the returned of your hand, and using tweezers or a jewel applicator, cautiously vicinity every crystal along the lash line. if you want to make it as holiday-esque as possible, end with a coat of your favourite purple lipstick.

in case you want to sign up for in on the crystal amusing however do not have time to painstakingly follow gems, strive jewelled lashes like these.

in advance, see greater crystal appears to blind your buddies along with your dazzle.

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