Stunning! 5 Tips For Beautiful Nails

Stunning! 5 Tips For Beautiful Nails

At Azzuro Hair design it’s now not pretty much stunning hair … it’s approximately lovely nails too! At our Larnaka hairdressing salon we also have the proficient Marina, our in residence nail technician supplying a number nail trimming and pedicure services. we adore to deliver you tips for lovely hair however this week here are five pointers for lovely nails …

tips for beautiful nails

try and avoid cleaning soap with harsh chemical compounds, frequently marked “antibacterial”, and as a substitute search for natural components inclusive of tea tree oil or eucalyptus. Antibacterial will definitely dry out your arms and nails through the years inflicting breakage and pores and skin chapping.

it's miles vital to push cuticles back to improve the appearance of your nail cutting however cutting them leaves you open to infection and appears lousy. melt cuticles weekly and push back lightly after soaking in heat water. finish via massaging oil into the cuticles and nail mattress.

Your arms can wrinkle and age similar to your face so don’t skimp at the moisturizer. if you have gel nails which involve UV light remedy then make sure you observe an SPF to your fingers. Moisturise hands after washing and earlier than bed to maintain them smooth and supple.

in case you comply with no different piece of advice, observe this one. prevent picking, biting and all manner of destruction! This consists of peeling off your nail polish due to the fact very often you will be peeling off a layer of your nail too! that is in particular authentic when you have acrylic nails. continually leave the removal of gel or acrylics on your nail technician.

never record your nails in a back-forth motion as this could absolutely destroy them. Nail technicians would possibly do it, due to the fact they use professional tools and know the right strain to exert. also you have to constantly dry nails before submitting due to the fact moist nails (much like hair) are extra vulnerable to harm.

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