Fascinating! Hollywood's Latest Beauty Trend Is Kinda Extreme, But We Still Love It

it's exceptionally unlikely that the Grimm brothers have been thinking about Hollywood developments when they penned Rapunzel again within the 19th century, but right here we're. Granted, the identify character turned into locked in a tower for a whopping 12 years (you omit lots in over a decade), however she also had a small perk amide the isolation: that hair. long, glamorous strands is largely a glam cheat code. Who desires to fill in their brows or slap on a red lip after they have all of that up top? precisely.

It seems like Hollywood receives it, too, as stars like Beyoncé and Ariana Grande are letting their hair down and letting their braids and ponytails spill beyond their shoulders, too. long hair does care... or at least we do. See their patterns beforehand.

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