Fantastic! Gabrielle Anwar Dishes On Her New Role In ABC’s Hit Show, Once Upon A Time

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In ABC’s most up-to-date collection optimum, as soon as Upon a Time, actress Gabrielle Anwar takes on a position that’s strange territory for her—the diabolical, manipulative stepmother to Cinderella, lady Tremaine. In a whimsical, old-world fairy tale meets new-global story, iconic fictional characters and present day-day collide into a complicated, mythical drama collection set within the city of Hyperion Heights. The display has been widely praised via audiences across the u . s . a . for 6 seasons, and the 7th season marks a huge reboot of the show, that means new characters, locations and a new “curse”—it additionally marks the debut of Gabrielle Anwar and fellow newcomer Dania Ramirez to the well-established forged. here, Haute residing catches up with the superstar and discusses the new show, taking pictures in Vancouver, life in Miami, her directorial debut and what else she’s working on in among:

HL: tell us about as soon as Upon a Time. How is it going up to now? 

GA: It’s very thrilling to get back in front of the digicam after having been in the back of it for the closing three years, so it’s an exercising of subject and surrender.

HL: How have been you forged to your role?

GA: I were analyzing scripts on and off for the remaining 3 years, with no longer a whole lot aim of doing whatever except it truely tickled my fancy. i used to be visiting my daughter Willow in California, and that i were given a call from my agent and he changed into telling me there’s a great role of the wicked stepmother in as soon as Upon a Time on ABC, and that i stated “once Upon a Time” out loud due to the fact I couldn’t fully pay attention what he become saying, and my thirteen-yr-vintage daughter beginning bouncing around the shop exclaiming, “Mommy, you have to do it! you have to do it!” So basically that’s how i ended up dwelling in Vancouver for 10 months [laughs].

HL: That’s interesting. How is it to enter the display within the midst of its 7th season as a ordinary?  

GA: properly, it’s constantly complex to enter a brand new activity while matters are properly hooked up irrespective of what line of business you’re in due to the fact there’s a certain environment that’s been installed from day one, and you’re tip-toeing around just to discover your footing. The cast has been very welcoming, that's sincerely best. I’ve located that the trickiest aspect is for me to step back into the schedule of being on a television display due to the fact it is very stressful and full of long hours. It’s tough because we’re all characters gambling two variations of themselves. It’s almost like filming a characteristic movie every week.

HL: explain what the day looks like.  

GA: We movie a variety of pictures that we don’t recognise if we always need, but it’s desirable to have in case. We should movie extraordinary quantities with complicated costumes and storylines—I virtually take my hat off to those costume team contributors who have been there considering that day one—it’s lots of work, however it is very top notch to peer what comes out of it.

HL: What’s your preferred element approximately attending to play girl Tremaine? is that this a very exclusive sort of function for you in comparison to others inside the beyond? 

GA: My preferred factor about this man or woman is that she is diabolical. She is absolutely cruel and cruel and doesn’t apologize for it. She’s pretty fun to play. I don’t see any resemblance to pretty tons any individual I’ve ever played due to the fact I generally come to be playing a person with their heart inside the right vicinity. however I’ve been doing this for 33 years, and it’s fun to sooner or later get to play a extraordinary sort of role in the end this time. It’s quite freeing.

HL: What’s the dynamic like among the forged on set? Who do you commonly work with? 

GA: I work with a young actress named Adelaide Kane who turned into the celebrity of the television display Reign. She is a queen—absolutely lovely and particularly talented as an actress. I additionally spend loads of time with Dania Ramirez who plays along me as my stepdaughter Cinderella—she changed into in the show Devious Maids earlier. She’s exceptional, and i've to say it’s any such pride to be playing the role with a Latina Cinderella—she’s so fresh and alive, and she has this incredible strength. We’ve emerge as quite pleasant as we’ve each been acclimatized as the new chicks at the block.

HL: What’s it like taking pictures in Vancouver? What’s your favorite part approximately the new metropolis? 

GA: i love the scenery—the landscaping is extraordinarily conducive to hiking, which I’ve been engaging in, and that’s something I omit terribly in Miami due to the fact that’s not in reality available. And the Canadian human beings here are just so kick back and pleasant, and it’s an entire distinct pace of existence up right here. but i am missing the warm climate in Miami. i used to be born and raised in England where i used to be conceptually frozen all the time, but it’s been awhile for the reason that I were given a taste of the bloodless climate! i'm looking forward to the ones ThermaCare heat wraps from the drugstore so i will wrap myself up like a mummy [laughs]. i really like the convenience of a tropical weather. And of path, I miss my circle of relatives and my mattress! There’s not anything pretty like your own bed.

HL: Of path. apart from your new position in once Upon a Time, how have matters been following the debut of your documentary, Sexology? 

GA: It’s been honestly properly obtained, which i'm extraordinarily proud of. We’ve translated it into a number of exceptional languages so that it could be more extensively regarded. I’ve had so many women method me and speak to me about it asking for contacts so we can begin their own recovery method, which has been certainly profitable. i am hoping to build this internet site to truely be an academic tool so that one could go on their personal and partake in their very own private sexual revolution.

HL: What turned into the nice part about producing?  

GA: being able to call all of the shots. additionally, running with an all-girl forged became superb—the scheduling changed into very bendy. We wanted to do it in a very female and undulating, natural manner. It glaringly takes an awful lot longer that way, however it is an entire reinvention of filmmaking, and it became one of the maximum brilliant experiences of my lifestyles.

Gabrielle Anwarpicture credit: Gabrielle Anwar

HL: How long did it take you to agree to do it? I don't forget before everything you had been reluctant because it changed into a piece of a racy difficulty. 

GA: whilst we first conceived the concept, I didn’t assume that i might be the only present process the revelation. So, i used to be reluctant to grow to be so inclined and obvious on film concerning a subject this is so taboo. but I found out right away that a good way to teach another female—although it’s simply a different lady who happens to use this film to locate her pride—i am going to need to sacrifice my privateness to a certain quantity because mystery-keeping is one of the maximum dangerous factors of our lack of ability to sense free and relax. So, to let that pass was the key aspect to locating sexual liberation.

HL: After experiencing your first directing gig, do you want to hold doing more of this? 

GA: I assume so—there are so many exciting subjects accessible that want to be explored, and i would be venerated to do that. there are so many matters I would love to perform before my time is up. one in every of them is obviously filmmaking, but there are so many matters that i am excited about doing.

HL: What are some of those things? 

GA: I write. i'm an avid writer and a prolific reader, so i am continuously being uncovered to new statistics, that's exhilarating. I also am very worried inside the neighborhood network of Coconut Grove where I stay, and i desire the little assignment we’ve been working on will carry a pleasurable enjoy to as many human beings as possible and shed new light on the region—the city goes via incredibly of its own evolution right now.

HL: other than as soon as Upon a Time, what do you've got going on for the approaching 12 months that you’re searching ahead to? 

GA: i am hoping to put up a novel that i've spent the ultimate 13 years writing in among birthing infants, television indicates and getting married. It’s a piece of a controversial fiction novel—a love tale that explores subjects that have a stigma around society. It ought to be very thrilling to see how it's far received. And of direction, I’m excited to most advantageous the show we’ve been working so hard on. It’s a reboot, so i'm hoping we are embraced—looking ahead to finding out!

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