Marvelous! Boston’s Sandy Poirier Competes Tonight For The Title Of World’s Most Talented Beauty Director

Marvelous! Boston’s Sandy Poirier Competes Tonight For The Title Of World’s Most Talented Beauty Director

no person has been ready with baited breath to discover who could be crowned the sector’s most talented beauty director greater than Boston’s personal Sandy Poirier.

The SHAG Salon movie star stylist and salon owner is now one of 3 finalists competing for the name to be provided by way of Lifetime’s hit reality display and opposition collection, “American splendor star” hosted and produced by means of global icon and stick insect, Adriana Lima.

Sandy Poirierphoto credit: Emily Soto

you can catch the final episode this night on an sizable 70-foot high definition LED wall at 10:30 p.m. at the Grand (located at 58 Seaport boulevard), the haute new Seaport District nightclub, which is website hosting a viewing party to celebrate. The winner will acquire a grand prize of $50,000 and a splendor editorial in teen vogue. (Corey Ford and Andrew Velazquez are also finalists).

We stuck up recently with Poirier to discover what it seems like to be in the top three and what he thinks it takes to be named the world’s maximum proficient splendor director.

beauty, fashion, make-up and hair all work together. beauty truely is in the eye of the beholder. the arena is changing and becoming more various. Years ago, the fashions had to be six toes tall and weigh 100 pounds. I suppose beauty comes from your soul; it’s to your emotions and your emotions. It’s no longer simply the idea of splendor, however includes a conglomeration of fashion, hair and makeup.

How did the possibility to get involved within the “American beauty celebrity” opposition come approximately?

i'm widely known for the duration of the industry and domestically as a superstar hair stylist in Boston, so we get lots of emails at SHAG all the time. when we were given an e mail days before the casting cut-off date, it said the casting agent desired to talk with me. I sent off a two-minute casting video after and that’s how it started.

What do you believe you studied it takes to be the sector’s maximum gifted beauty director?

What they were searching out was a person to symbolize their logo that protected skills, reward and humility.  They wanted someone who knew style, knew hair and makeup traits and a person who become very talented. i have a imaginative and prescient and might see new developments before they take place. i'm able to inform if a design is going to be warm.

How does it feel to be one of the top 3 finalists?

I experience overwhelmed. I needed to prove my skills and be judged on the work that I did. they had a tremendous photographer, Emily Soto, who worked with everyone so there has been level gambling floor. there has been double stress to prove you’re desirable at what you do at the same time as competing at the identical time, but I suppose I rose to the occasion. It’s humorous, however the 3 folks have the least quantity of followers on Instagram. we're all working tough all day lengthy. Corey is inside the salon running difficult each day and Andrew is a make-up artist who works doing shoots in los angeles each day, however Instagram and facebook are splendid gear to decorate enterprise.

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