Unbelievable! Hublot And Street Artists Hush And Tristan Eaton Celebrate Fame Vs. Fortune Art Concept

Tristan Eaton and Hush present the Fame vs Fortune Limited Edition

Swiss luxury horologer Hublot partnered with avenue artists Hush and Tristan Eaton to create restrained-edition timepieces that embody the label’s trendy artwork idea – “reputation vs. Fortune.”

“fame vs Fortune” incorporates at the watchmaker’s “Hublot Loves artwork” marketing campaign, pivoting it as conventional West Coast – East Coast contention. Hush represents the West Coast and the reputation that spills out of Hollywood, while Tristan Eaton characterizes the mentality of the East Coast, where NYC’s monetary District is all about fortune.

Fame vs Fortune-2

“[W]e are thrilled to once more accomplice with Tristan for our 2nd collaboration and collaborate with Hush for the primary time,” said Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot. “This assignment brings together two dynamic, and particular inventive styles, each one integrated collaboratively with Hublot. The result is a unique and unique set of 2 timepieces that, i am positive, collectors of each watches and artwork are certain to love.”

stimulated through an array of Hollywood legends, Hush designed Spirit of huge Bang West Coast Ceramic Black and White, which bears a high-quality black-and-white portrait of a lady throughout the multi-colored, blended-media case returned. Powered via HUB4700 Chronograph motion, the 42mm watch functions a skeletonized “Aerofusion” dial, ringed with the aid of a white ceramic bezel.


“The photograph I created for Hublot has a large number of ideas which constitute ‘fame, individuality and strength to the iconic personality’ in addition to placing itself in time through my present day avenue art inspired aesthetic,” Hush said.

For his classic Fusion Bronze, Tristan Eaton reimaged the Charging Bull sculpture with brushed-bronze finishes and polished gold-plated appliques. preserving the HUB1143 Chronograph motion, the case returned boasts an array of topics that represent ny town’s money prowess – from the dollar sign to the Wall street plague.

“it's miles thrilling for me as an artist to have the opportunity once again to partner with Hublot and collaborate on any other timepiece with the brand,” Tristan Eaton said.


The timepieces acquired their official release at Lightbox Studios outdoor instances square, in which an interactive media show delivered the guests, together with Hublot emblem buddy Jesse Palmer, to the specific sensitivities that shape every watch.

In early December, the 2 creations will tour south to Hublot’s boutique in Bal Harbour to commence the annual Hublot Loves artwork in Miami series for this yr’s artwork Basel Miami.

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Unbelievable! Hublot And Street Artists Hush And Tristan Eaton Celebrate Fame Vs. Fortune Art Concept Photo Gallery