Marvelous! 'Wonder Woman 2' Will Have Another 'Great Love Story,' Says Director Patty Jenkins

a primary a part of the surprise female plot revolved around Gal Gadot's Diana Prince simultaneously fighting along and falling in love with Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, the first guy she'd ever met. manifestly, there were other crucial things taking place in the movie—see: Diana marching throughout No man's Land to rescue an entire town of hostages; Diana plotting to forestall German scientists from dropping bombs on harmless people; Diana defeating Ares, the god of struggle—but it's almost not possible no longer to shed a tear while Steve flies a aircraft full of bombs away from all people else and (probable) dies inside the method, leaving Diana screaming his name on the ground beneath.

it's difficult to imagine shifting on from that worrying loss, however in a new edition of variety's Playback podcast launched in mid-November, surprise lady director Patty Jenkins was requested approximately the blockbuster movie's sequel and hinted that the wonder girl sequel will encompass every other "incredible love story."

"because she is marvel female and she's right here now and she or he's completely developed, it's were given excellent amusing from the begin, and notable large superhero presence from the begin, and is funny and a top notch love tale once more, and [has] a couple new incredible characters who i am so enthusiastic about, who are very distinct than were inside the closing movie," Patty stated. Steve Trevor lovers were despatched spiraling, with numerous shops publishing articles assuming that Patty's comments meant that Diana can have a contemporary love hobby within the new movie.

but before you, too, start protesting Steve's alternative, you need to recognize that Patty has already refuted these assumptions. "quite a few human beings, which include this headline, seem to be completely misunderstanding or making some pretty false assumptions based totally on considered one of many indistinct prices I made about some thing I can't say anything approximately. just wait. ;)" she wrote in response to the sort of articles.

if so, the "exceptional love tale" Patty referenced inside the podcast ought to just consult with Diana's compassion for all mankind, her relationship with a new (platonic) pal, or her lasting love for Steve—in the new Justice League film, even though she's somewhat flirty with Ben Affleck's Batman (who truly does now not deserve her), Diana is still definitely carrying a torch for the charismatic undercover agent. For in addition proof that this love story might not necessarily involve a brand new love hobby, just rewatch wonder lady: Diana Prince absolutely does now not need a person.

whilst we all wait ravenously for greater details about wonder lady 2, that is scheduled to be released in December 2019, sense loose to overanalyze the whole lot else Patty stated about the film within the podcast episode. "it's without a doubt nonetheless going to different values of hers, and a comparable formulation insofar as making a exquisite, fun amusing movie, however that in the long run, in its 1/3 act, turns a few very large problems, and a very big revel in so one can purpose to have barely extra weight and profundity than it has to have. due to the fact this is a system that I sincerely like, and that i just like the idea of taking any person on a totally stable, great adventure however that arrives at a larger question being answered," she stated. "I experience like it is simply the proper amount the identical international of surprise female as the first film, even as being a totally distinct tale that tackles something very extraordinary however very similarly singular. One tale."

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