Prodigious! 'Wonder Woman 2' Will Have Another 'Great Love Story,' Says Director Patty Jenkins

a chief a part of the marvel female plot revolved around Gal Gadot's Diana Prince simultaneously fighting alongside and falling in love with Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, the primary man she'd ever met. manifestly, there have been other important things going on inside the film—see: Diana marching throughout No guy's Land to rescue an entire town of hostages; Diana plotting to stop German scientists from dropping bombs on harmless humans; Diana defeating Ares, the god of battle—but it is almost impossible not to shed a tear whilst Steve flies a plane complete of bombs faraway from every body else and (in all likelihood) dies in the system, leaving Diana screaming his call at the ground below.

it's tough to imagine transferring on from that traumatic loss, but in a new version of range's Playback podcast released in mid-November, wonder woman director Patty Jenkins became requested about the blockbuster film's sequel and hinted that the surprise woman sequel will include some other "terrific love tale."

"due to the fact she is wonder lady and she's here now and he or she's absolutely developed, it's were given high-quality a laugh from the start, and top notch huge superhero presence from the start, and is humorous and a high-quality love tale again, and [has] a pair new unbelievable characters who i am so excited about, who are very distinctive than were inside the last movie," Patty stated. Steve Trevor lovers were sent spiraling, with numerous outlets publishing articles assuming that Patty's comments supposed that Diana may have a ultra-modern love hobby within the new film.

but earlier than you, too, start protesting Steve's alternative, you ought to realize that Patty has already refuted these assumptions. "quite a few people, consisting of this headline, seem to be completely misunderstanding or making a few pretty false assumptions based on one of many vague charges I made about some thing I can not say anything approximately. simply wait. ;)" she wrote in response to the sort of articles.

in that case, the "exceptional love story" Patty referenced within the podcast should simply seek advice from Diana's compassion for all mankind, her dating with a brand new (platonic) buddy, or her lasting love for Steve—within the new Justice League film, despite the fact that she's quite flirty with Ben Affleck's Batman (who genuinely does no longer deserve her), Diana is still clearly wearing a torch for the charismatic undercover agent. For in addition evidence that this love story won't always contain a brand new love hobby, simply rewatch surprise lady: Diana Prince genuinely does not need a man.

whilst all of us wait ravenously for greater information about surprise female 2, that's scheduled to be released in December 2019, sense loose to overanalyze everything else Patty said about the film inside the podcast episode. "it's absolutely still going to other values of hers, and a comparable system insofar as creating a excellent, enjoyable a laugh movie, however that in the end, in its third act, turns a few very huge troubles, and a completely massive enjoy with the intention to aim to have barely greater weight and profundity than it has to have. because that's a system that I actually like, and i like the idea of taking anyone on a very stable, splendid adventure but that arrives at a larger question being answered," she said. "I sense like it's just the proper amount the same world of wonder girl as the first movie, even as being a completely distinct tale that tackles some thing very unique however very similarly singular. One story."

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