'Stranger Things' Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

we are nonetheless processing the season two finale of Stranger matters. sure, matters ended on—spoiler caution—a tremendous be aware on the Snow Ball, but we've got a feeling the team is not completed with the mysteries of the the other way up just but. (Um, understand that haunting final shot of the mind Flayer?) and then there are the blossoming romances: 11 and Mike! Max and Lucas! puppy love has honestly by no means regarded cuter. there is additionally Nancy's love triangle with Jonathan and Steve to reflect onconsideration on, not to say the cute, and surprising, friendship among Dustin and Steve. Plus, what the hell goes to happen among Joyce and Sheriff Hopper? it is best a matter of time before they get collectively, proper?

Like we said, there's lots to consider—and it seems like our questions may be spoke back quicker instead of later. Netflix confirmed on Friday (December 1) that a third season of Stranger matters is formally taking place. The streaming platform posted a ballot on its Twitter page asking if every other season of the show ought to occur, and soon after we obtained an answer: "FOR the affection OF STEVE, DUH! So keep tight baby darts—season three is formally occurring." See the tweet for yourself, beneath:

Excited? So are we. Granted, season 3 continues to be early in improvement, but right here's what we understand up to now (some spoilers from seasons one and two beforehand):

1. Writers are nevertheless bouncing around ideas. at the time of the second season most suitable in overdue October, co-author Matt Duffer discovered the 1/3 season had best been in the writers' room for about two days. In other words, even the display-runners do not know tons about the plot proper now.

2. Season 3 will start out with a "easy slate." that's what the Duffer brothers advised The Hollywood Reporter. And this makes experience: do not forget, the the wrong way up has been closed, so that danger isn't looming over them anymore. Of course, there's the issue of that pesky mind Flayer hovering over the college, which is actually going to purpose some problem. "[The Mind Flayer is still out there]," Ross Duffer additionally informed THR. "they've close the door on the thoughts Flayer, but now not best is it nonetheless there in the upside down, it's very a good deal privy to the children, and in particular eleven."

three. There are more like eleven and 8. We have been delivered to Kali, every other baby experimented on on the Hawkins Lab, this season on Stranger things. Her nickname is 8, like Jane's is 11, and the Duffer brothers advised E! there are greater siblings available who we do not know about. "I suppose we've honestly implied there are different numbers, and that i can not consider that the arena will only ever understand 11 and 8," Matt Duffer stated.

4. there's no greater Hawkins Lab. it's closed up keep for properly, in keeping with this newsletter from Collider.

five. count on to see extra of Erica, Lucas' iconic little sister. "We were able to combine greater of her in [Season 2], however no longer as a good deal you need due to the fact the tale [was] already going. ‘We were given to apply extra Erica’—that turned into one of the first things we said within the writers’ room [for 3],” Ross informed Yahoo.

6. Max and 11 might not be enemies. Why the show-runners determined to make these younger ladies hate every other in season two is a thriller. however, Ross contends they may not be adversaries for long. "They gained’t be enemies," he instructed HelloGiggles. "They gained’t be enemies forever. We’re excited [to] spend extra time with Max and broaden her in a way…we’re kind of scratching the surface on this season of what I suppose she’s able to.”

7. There will be over again jump. The Duffer brothers confirmed this to THR as well, however how many years or months precisely is still unknown. Our cash's on precisely twelve months, similar to season two.

eight. you may see a brand new aspect of Karen Wheeler. one of the funniest scenes of season concerned a flirtatious moment among Mike and Nancy's mom and horrific boy Billy. seems, that's no longer a one-time issue. "you may see that facet of her explored," govt manufacturer Shawn Levy advised us. "we have plenty greater story for Karen this is connected to her discontent and her dissatisfied sexuality. in the end, there wasn’t room [in season two] to carrier all of the thoughts. some thoughts were given punted to next season and maybe past, but we’re no longer finished with Karen Wheeler and her failing marriage.”

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