Prodigious! Selena Gomez Claims No One 'Actually Cares' About Her And Justin Bieber

whether or not you love or hate Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez collectively, one issue's for positive: you have got an opinion. nobody is simply "meh" approximately Jelena three.0. it's not like they're a Honda CR-V or the mozzarella sticks at Applebee's. Their courting always receives a response out of people. i've made my thoughts about them well-known—and they may be not correct, #Abelena4Ever—and so has the relaxation of their diehard fanbases. it is pretty a lot all they could communicate approximately.

that's why Gomez's latest remarks on the red carpet on the 2017 Billboard ladies in song event are so confusing. here's what she said when asked how Bieber has impacted the person she is these days:

Watch Gomez say this for your self in the video, beneath. begin around the -minute mark.

Um, excuse me? no one cares about Bieber and Gomez's history? simply peep those Twitter reactions to look this is false:

Do you see that? it truly is five human beings whose hearts nearly exploded due to the fact Gomez and Bieber patched things up. And there are lots greater responses wherein these got here from. that doesn't look like "now not being concerned" to us...

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