Prodigious! Dana Nessel's Campaign Ad For Michigan Attorney General Takes On Sexual Harassment

What a week. does not it already sense like Harry and Meghan introduced their engagement one hundred years in the past?

After beginning Monday off on such a happy note, the information cycles that followed have persisted to focus on the sexual misconduct reckoning that started out with Harvey Weinstein and indicates no signs of slowing. it is critical, obviously, and i hope it keeps. but as a woman, I discover it additionally weighs closely on my spirit.

by no means did I think the pick out-me-up I so desperately wished might come in the shape of a campaign ad from Dana Nessel, who is going for walks for attorney general in Michigan. but in 2017, up is down and anything is possible. I recognise what you are thinking due to the fact i used to be questioning it too: "2018 campaign advertisements already? The midterms are so vital however can not we at least get thru the holidays first?!?" but it's just because you have not seen Nessel's badass advert but.

She opens via commenting that if current news has taught us something, it's that extra women are needed in office earlier than launching into a few 2017 real communicate: "Who are you able to trust to not display you their penis in a expert putting? Is it the candidate who doesn't have a penis? i might say so." this is where Dana Nessel became one among my new favorite humans. She cemented her slot with the aid of going on to argue that there is nothing incorrect with what could end up an all-woman Democratic price ticket for most important state offices. ps: move, Michigan!

Nessel then lays out what she will now not do: Sexually harass her group of workers, tolerate sexual harassment in your workplace, walk round in a half of-open bathrobe, use tax dollars to silence victims, or be a part of proper-wing court cases that make it tougher to get health insurance.

And the kicker? She definitely nails that too. "sure, i'm a girl. it is now not a liability, it really is an asset."

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