Shocking! Why Every Women Needs A Glamour Box!

right here’s to all of you who have never heard of the Glamour box…or who've heard about it, but have questions!

the la Glamour fashion team has been stopped on the road regularly by humans trying to know more about the notable Glamour container “special of the month.”

So what is it, anyway? And why are people so excited about it?

In a nutshell, the Glamour container is a month-to-month field packed with fun, fashionable and glamorous matters—and available at a reduced rate!

What’s in it?This fancy white box carrying our black logo is a mark of favor glamour. And the interior in no way disappoints!

it may be filled with any of those items: earrings, shoes, purses, hats, socks, scarves, mittens, ponchos, nylons, leggings, skin care, cosmetics, nail care, hair care, first-rate meals… the listing is going on and on.

basically, we placed our most favourite objects in each unmarried Glamour container.

every unmarried month, we maintain our eyes out for the trendiest, maximum glamorous merchandise we are able to discover and placed the ensemble collectively with one aspect in mind: “I need this for myself!”

Intrigued? right here’s a way to get your very personal Glamour container!We sell the Glamour container on our internet site.

via video, you’ll see all of the things which could come within the field. however, we will also customize the container for you (or the man or woman you're shopping for it for; it makes a super gift!)—based on the solutions you provide to three simple questions.

every Glamour field has three fees to pick out from. All you need to do is pick your price range, answer the questions…and voila! Your Glamour box will soon be on its manner.

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