Amazing! Are We Telling The Truth?

remaining night time, Natasha and that i obtained a message from somebody thinking our integrity. She had ‘suspicions’ that we weren’t disclosing paid-for posts, items and partnerships and desired to confront us about it. So, the query is, are we telling the truth?

a few months ago the terrific Sarah Clark of Little Spree wrote this publish on running a blog, which addressed most of the identical troubles i'm going to address in this submit. Like Sarah, Natasha and i've a history in magazines, and feature worked inside the enterprise (and more currently, in related industries) for almost two decades each (yes, that makes me experience old). It became this enjoy that inspired us to start our very own ‘on line mag’, which over the last few years has evolved from a small weblog to each a blog and an instagram feed. We desired to write about things we sincerely wanted to jot down about and we hoped human beings might want to examine. (Like magazines we only write about matters we adore as we aren't a ‘evaluate’ website online. If we don’t love it, it doesn’t cross in). As Instagram has advanced, a number of this remit has modified and we now focus as lots electricity on the pics as we do on the words.

put on & in which remains very tons a labour of affection. each folks installed long hours writing pieces, learning, photographing, assembly brands and designing layouts – there may be many a night time that I’m sat on the sofa typing away to complete a chunk – all totally free. however, as put on & wherein has grown, this has began to alternate. We would really like put on & where to emerge as a feasible commercial enterprise, where we can attention some of the time spent on our day jobs on the website, because to be sincere, i'm able to’t work many greater nights on the pace I’ve been doing. To do this, we should reflect onconsideration on approaches to monetise the weblog and one of these methods is thru sponsored posts – both at the weblog and on Instagram. And here it's miles – we turn down plenty extra work than we take delivery of (because it’s not us, we’ve carried out some thing comparable recently, we in reality don’t like the product, because there’s simply no way we’re going to be featured in underwear….) and whilst we do tackle a collaboration, we always label it as such. always have finished.

As disclosed from the start of W&W on our approximately Us web page, a number of the products we feature are connected via an affiliate machine, meaning that if you buy, we get a small (and it truly is small) percentage of the sale. You pay the equal, we simply get a cut. I think that is fair, you might not. but, you don’t have to buy via us, you don’t have to shop for in any respect. Neither people could want you to shop for something you don’t need to! we love fashion, we adore the little lift it can supply us and we like when our readers find some thing through us, that offers them the identical feeling too. Our small income from associates are, I sense, honest enough for the quantity of work we've got installed developing the content, researching and photographing it. however, I pressure once more, you don’t ought to click our hyperlinks in case you don’t want to.

however what approximately ‘items’? yes, on occasion (much less than a few would possibly think, we're small fish in a big Instagram pond) we're presented some thing from a emblem. How this works is that the brand asks if we’d want to pick out some thing from their collection. there may be no obligation to photograph it or to mention yes. If we decide to go beforehand, we can simplest accomplish that as it’s something we like and could pay for if we had the limitless finances to do so. If we like it, we are able to in all likelihood want to characteristic it on our feed, due to the fact we find it irresistible and we need to inform you about it. We additionally label those as presents. We additionally, once more, flip down extra gifts than we be given.

So, how then do we create the pics on Instagram? that is the elaborate element. Instagram is a beast. style feeds like ours demand new outfits. however, neither of us have unlimited budget. we can’t keep ’til we drop. And so, as with magazines, we do ‘name in’ items to photo and then ship again to the emblem. we've got also sold clothes we love, photographed them and then determined to go back them, quite honestly due to the fact we are able to’t manage to pay for to save, save, store! we have additionally bought garments – like the M&S coat and skirt under – that we like and so photographed, after which decided we like so much, we need to consist of them in a backed publish. Now, i can see where this gets complicated. we're writing a blog post for M&S on birthday celebration wear, and having noticed and purchased this outfit, I need to consist of it due to the fact I think it’s high-quality. So, it'll cross into the blog publish (paid for) and on Instagram (not paid for). i purchased it with my very own cash, however have back it – so what is the answer?

In a nutshell, we label the whole thing paid for and gifted. anything else we don’t. We aren’t attempting to drag the wool over all people. we are sharing what we like with you – be that right here on the blog or on Instagram. Going again to the start in which we have been sat around Natasha’s table dreaming of making our own website: we write and picture what we like, and we truely hope you do too.

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