Fascinating! These Are All The Politicians In D.C. Who Have Been Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

we are now given that, for too lengthy, have gotten away with abuse because of a complicit machine that protects predators and a way of life of fear in which sufferers don't sense secure talking up. is occurring in the publish-Weinstein global, and on this new world order, even the human beings within the better spheres of presidency are not untouchable anymore way to brave women who are sharing their testimonies, intrepid reporting, and a willingness from the general public to consider survivors.

each Republicans and Democrats are struggling to cope with sexual harassment claims and next fallouts among their ranks, from the accusations towards President Trump to the allegations made against freshman Democratic Rep. Ruben Kihuen.

beforehand, we're maintaining a list of all of the elected officials in Washington, D.C. who've been accused of sexual misconduct. we will hold to update this story if greater allegations come out.

when you have skilled sexual violence and are in want of disaster guide, please call the at 1-800-656-hope (4673).

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