Marvelous! At Glide’s Holiday Jam, Love Overcomes

Marvelous! At Glide’s Holiday Jam, Love Overcomes

one of the activities that I stay up for each holiday season is float Memorial Church’s annual excursion Jam at the Masonic. The festive night, which functions a concert and dinner, supports the Tenderloin church’s day by day free meal program, Mo’s Kitchen, and other projects. float serves 750,000 loose food yearly to San Francisco’s poverty-troubled individuals and households. The theme for this year’s jam changed into love overcomes—a topic that has been celebrated with the aid of float’s champions, Reverend Cecil Williams and Janice Mirikitani, for the reason that Nineteen Sixties.

The night changed into a converting of the guards. Amy J. Errett, the chairperson of go with the flow’s Board of Trustees for 22 years, has stepped down and her paintings changed into commemorated on the occasion. go with the flow welcomed new board chair Kaye Foster, new lead pastor Reverend Dr. Jay Williams, and new president and CEO Karen Hanrahan. “i am pleased to assist alternate drift’s destiny and set it up for achievement for any other 50 years,” Hanrahan stated. “I recognize first hand that our work is a part of a global war and a international approach to the challenges that we are facing right here. I invite you to stay with us on our adventure as we hold to remake the world collectively.”

despite being 88 years vintage and in a wheel chair, Williams made an appearance onstage alongside his wife, Mirikitani. “how many a long time have we been doing this Cecil?” she joked as she addressed the group. Mirikitani gave a shifting tribute to Errett and her time with float. “we'd no longer be the brilliant business enterprise that go with the flow is without you. i might now not have traded my wishbone into my spine without you Amy. We too gather to ignite light on the shadows of injustice and the abuse of electricity,” she stated. “you are ever transferring to make truth our international yearning for peace and inclusivity, economic justice, respect for every human’s dignity, freedom to love unconditionally all and sundry. You came to go with the flow and for over two many years combed the tangled stands of waft growing too speedy. supplying lessons and area with out judgement, assisting construct structures with out crushing the genuine floor from which we grew.” Erratt’s commercial enterprise savvy helped waft develop right into a congregation of nearly 10,000 members. She supported Williams and Mirikitani’s undertaking of radical inclusiveness.

After the speeches, some of musicians carried out. there was boy band, subsequent town Down, beatboxer Butterscotch, Empire famous person, V. Bozeman, and headliner Valerie Simpson’s whose traditional hit, Ain’t No Mountain high enough, introduced anybody to their toes. The menu included favorites from Mo’s Kitchen: fried hen, macaroni and cheese, and collard veggies. A trio of desserts—gianduja mousse with butterscotch pudding, s’mores in a jar, and pear shortcake—were a candy and scrumptious finish. The evening raised over $2 million to aid waft and its phenomenal applications in the coming yr.

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