Awesome! Donald Trump Jr. Is Trying To Start A Twitter Feud With Jennifer Lawrence

Taking after his father, it looks like there is little Donald Trump Jr. enjoys greater than stirring up a few controversy on Twitter. And now he's coming for one in every of america's sweethearts: Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence.

to place this today's spat in context, allow's first check Lawrence's current cover tale for The Hollywood Reporter. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lawrence delved into her "political passion became obsession," revealing that she's even planned out a hypothetical meeting among herself and Donald Trump, should she ever discover herself head to head with the President.

"i've got a pretty exact speech," Lawrence stated. "And it ends with a martini to the face."

Don Jr., however, didn't take kindly to this actual Housewives-esque state of affairs. speedy jumping to his father's defense, the eldest Trump son promptly tweeted about the interview, telling the world he was "quite positive that’s not how it'd quit... "

obviously, fellow tweeters had plenty of mind on Trump's reaction—with many once again reminding Don Jr. of his father's disturbing records of sexual harassment allegations.

maybe at some point the Trump own family will discover ways to think earlier than they tweet.

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