Fantastic! Donald Trump Jr. Is Trying To Start A Twitter Feud With Jennifer Lawrence

Taking after his father, it looks like there's little Donald Trump Jr. enjoys extra than stirring up a few controversy on Twitter. And now he's coming for certainly one of the usa's sweethearts: Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence.

to place this modern spat in context, allow's first check Lawrence's recent cover story for The Hollywood Reporter. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lawrence delved into her "political ardour became obsession," revealing that she's even deliberate out a hypothetical assembly between herself and Donald Trump, must she ever find herself head to head with the President.

"i have got a quite right speech," Lawrence said. "And it ends with a martini to the face."

Don Jr., but, failed to take kindly to this real Housewives-esque scenario. quick jumping to his father's protection, the eldest Trump son right away tweeted approximately the interview, telling the world he become "pretty positive that’s no longer how it'd quit... "

clearly, fellow tweeters had lots of mind on Trump's reaction—with many all over again reminding Don Jr. of his father's disturbing history of sexual harassment allegations.

maybe sooner or later the Trump circle of relatives will learn to assume before they tweet.

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