Fascinating! Sophie Turner Explains Why She Stopped Partying While Shooting 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix'

If her engagement soirée with Joe Jonas is some thing to move via, Sophie Turner appears to be very, very, superb at partying. And because it seems, a large a part of that is knowing how and while to birthday celebration responsibly. in keeping with a brand new interview with entertainment Weekly, the sport of Thrones megastar needed to cease her supremely amusing ways for almost half of a yr whilst she filmed her new film, X-guys: dark Phoenix.

“I suppose I had like, two nights of proper partying and on a 5-month shoot, that’s now not very a lot,” Turner informed EW. “It changed into funny, the first night time that I went to bed early, we were all at like, this big organization dinner, and i needed to work the next day, and i was like, ‘men, it’s nine p.m. and that i without a doubt should be in bed.’ all the manufacturers have been so bowled over due to the fact they realize me and they were like, ‘Are you okay?’”

A big a part of this seemed to be due to the large pressure that incorporates playing someone as iconic as an X-men person. In dark Phoenix, consistent with EW, Turner stars as the lead Jean gray, a telepathic superhero with a dark, effective force interior of her named Phoenix. “I’m so fearful,” she stated someplace else within the interview. “As you assert, it’s one of the maximum iconic storylines so revered and famous. I wager the reaction to the 0.33 movie wasn’t exceptional and there’s sincerely a pressure to do it justice.”

This meant that extraordinarily a laugh however likely debilitating matters, like superstar-studded festivities as well as their aftereffects, may not be the excellent concept. “You most effective genuinely get one shot at some thing like this,” she introduced. “i was like, ‘I cannot mess this up with a hangover.’” For a 21-yr-old, that should take a large amount of strength of mind. Hats off to you, Sophie.

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