Marvelous! I'm Hopelessly Addicted To Magnetic False Lashes (and Never Turning Back)

I'm Hopelessly Addicted to Magnetic False Lashes (and Never Turning Back)

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men, we need to have a talk approximately magnetic lash extensions. And through "a talk," I imply that I need to tell you the way they're a f*cking godsend. i exploit them most instances I put on make-up; basically, if you see me post a selfie anywhere, i'm possibly sporting a pair of my magnetic falsies. I preserve a percent of the lashes at my desk at paintings, I take care of mine religiously at home, and that i estimate that i have satisfied as a minimum 15 buddies to buy their very own pair. considering the truth that many salons rate between $a hundred and $two hundred for lash extension remedies that simplest remaining a month, I experience obligated to share my experience with those reusable, smooth-to-put on lash boosters. i've grow to be some thing of a magnetic lash disciple.

essentially, if you see me submit a selfie everywhere, i am possibly sporting a couple of my magnetic falsies.

when the producer of my weekly POPSUGAR Snapchat collection, First impression Friday, informed me that i might be attempting magnetic eyelash extensions, i was anxious; i might never even heard of magnetic lashes, not to mention whether they have been secure to use! but to make a protracted story brief, the magnetic lash extensions from One Cosmetics ended up being my favourite product ever tested on First impact Friday in over a 12 months of capturing the Snap collection — and i refused to component with them after we wrapped. I added home the package of magnetic lashes and proceeded to put on them every unmarried day for 2 weeks.

like several self-respecting millennial, I took to social media to unfold the word approximately the magnetic lashes, posting a blurb about them on my Instagram tale. I acquired tons of questions from friends and fans about the lashes, so I figured this overview might be a good place to reply them! examine on for photos of the lashes in action and answers to all the questions i've been requested due to the fact that I started sporting the magnetic lash extensions.

Have questions? Don't worry — I have answers.

Do they harm (or rip out) your natural lashes?

Do you continue to put on mascara with the magnetic extensions?

could these work for people with supershort or straight eyelashes?

making use of and doing away with the lashes virtually takes some attempts to get used to it but turns into 2nd nature rather quickly. in contrast to falsies that require glue, you could dispose of and readjust these magnetic extensions as generally as vital to get them simply proper.

Which type of magnetic lash is best for you?

even as i am a big fan of the authentic version, you could produce other wishes in terms of your eyelashes. There are unique styles to pick from, which includes:

Side View With Magnetic Lashes

(proven: left eye with magnetic lash, right eye without.) The lashes on my left eye are extremely thick however appear natural.

Side View Without Magnetic Lashes

(proven: left eye with magnetic lash, right eye with out.) regardless of a layer of mascara, the lashes on my proper eye are a whole lot thinner and extra sparse.

Without the Magnetic Lashes

on this photo, i am sporting one skinny layer of mascara on my top lashes.

1 Eye With Magnetic Lashes, 1 Eye Without Them

in this image, i am sporting one thin layer of mascara on both eyes with the addition of one two Lash (original) on my left eye.

With the Magnetic Lashes on Both Eyes

on this picture, i'm wearing a hard and fast of one two Lash (unique) on every eye.

Closeup of the Results

pinnacle: with none magnetic lashesMiddle: magnetic lashes on left eye, proper eye withoutBottom: with magnetic lashes on both eyes

Same Eye, With and Without Magnet Lashes

Left: without One two LashRight: with One two Lash

in this GIF, my left eye features the magnetic extensions; the right does no longer.

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