Wonderful! I'm Hopelessly Addicted To Magnetic False Lashes (and Never Turning Back)

I'm Hopelessly Addicted to Magnetic False Lashes (and Never Turning Back)

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guys, we want to have a communicate about magnetic lash extensions. And by "a speak," I mean that I need to tell you ways they may be a f*cking godsend. i take advantage of them maximum times I put on make-up; essentially, in case you see me put up a selfie everywhere, i am possibly carrying a couple of my magnetic falsies. I hold a percent of the lashes at my desk at work, I take care of mine religiously at domestic, and i estimate that i've convinced at least 15 buddies to shop for their personal pair. considering the fact that many salons price between $100 and $2 hundred for lash extension remedies that handiest last a month, I feel obligated to share my revel in with those reusable, easy-to-put on lash boosters. i've end up some thing of a magnetic lash disciple.

basically, in case you see me put up a selfie anywhere, i am probable wearing a couple of my magnetic falsies.

while the producer of my weekly POPSUGAR Snapchat collection, First influence Friday, told me that i might be trying magnetic eyelash extensions, i used to be worried; i might never even heard of magnetic lashes, not to mention whether or not they have been secure to apply! however to make a long tale short, the magnetic lash extensions from One two Cosmetics ended up being my preferred product ever tested on First influence Friday in over a 12 months of capturing the Snap series — and that i refused to component with them when we wrapped. I introduced home the package of magnetic lashes and proceeded to wear them each unmarried day for 2 weeks.

like all self-respecting millennial, I took to social media to unfold the phrase approximately the magnetic lashes, posting a blurb about them on my Instagram tale. I obtained lots of questions from buddies and fans approximately the lashes, so I figured this evaluate is probably a great area to reply them! study on for pictures of the lashes in motion and answers to all of the questions i have been asked on account that I commenced sporting the magnetic lash extensions.

Have questions? Don't worry — I have answers.

Do they hurt (or rip out) your natural lashes?

Do you still wear mascara with the magnetic extensions?

might those paintings for humans with supershort or straight eyelashes?

making use of and putting off the lashes actually takes some tries to get used to it however turns into 2nd nature pretty quick. not like falsies that require glue, you may get rid of and readjust those magnetic extensions as usually as essential to get them simply proper.

Which type of magnetic lash is best for you?

at the same time as i am a massive fan of the original version, you can have other desires in terms of your eyelashes. There are one-of-a-kind patterns to select from, which includes:

Side View With Magnetic Lashes

(proven: left eye with magnetic lash, right eye with out.) The lashes on my left eye are extremely thick but appear herbal.

Side View Without Magnetic Lashes

(proven: left eye with magnetic lash, right eye without.) even with a layer of mascara, the lashes on my right eye are plenty thinner and greater sparse.

Without the Magnetic Lashes

on this image, i'm carrying one thin layer of mascara on my pinnacle lashes.

1 Eye With Magnetic Lashes, 1 Eye Without Them

on this image, i'm wearing one skinny layer of mascara on each eyes with the addition of one two Lash (authentic) on my left eye.

With the Magnetic Lashes on Both Eyes

in this photo, i'm sporting a hard and fast of 1 two Lash (unique) on every eye.

Closeup of the Results

top: without any magnetic lashesMiddle: magnetic lashes on left eye, right eye withoutBottom: with magnetic lashes on both eyes

Same Eye, With and Without Magnet Lashes

Left: with out One LashRight: with One two Lash

in this GIF, my left eye capabilities the magnetic extensions; the right does not.

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