Fantastic! 15 Blanket Scarves That Feel Like You Never Left Your Bed

are you able to consider it is been five years since Lenny Kravitz and took the net by typhoon? You probable recollect simply how tons the huge accent resonated with you; perhaps you giggled to your self, or forwarded the photo alongside to a friend with the accompanying message, "that is so me." And now that blanket-headband weather is upon us yet again, we are ready to re-embrace that feeling.

the big apple has skilled its first snowstorm of the season, which means that temperatures are reaching the factor of no longer trying to leave the residence without a excellent-relaxed headscarf to heat our necks and protect our faces from painfully bloodless winds. no longer to say blanket scarves have gotten so plush and outsized that they may make you sense like you're nevertheless bundled up to your comforter at the same time as commuting to work.

irrespective of whether or not you cross all of the manner to Kravitz proportions (and irrespective of whether or now not you propose to nap on the subway), you may want to have at least one or super-relaxed blanket scarves on-hand for the season. click on directly to get that a lot in the direction of having a break-the-net accent second of your very own.

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